JJC's IBOP products for high-performance top drives have become...

Time:2022-01-27 09:52:54
Resource:JJC Group

In late October 2021, the 6th ECF Energy Technology Innovation Award 2021 award ceremony was held in the Science Hall of Shanghai Association for Science and Technology. The "6th ECF Energy Technology Innovation Award 2021" was jointly initiated by The Shanghai Joint Unconventional Energy Research Center and the Coordination Committee of East and Southeast Asia Geoscience Program. It aims to recognize those outstanding innovative products and leading technologies that have made outstanding contributions and efforts to the oil and gas market.

Our JJC high-performance top drive IBOP product with its excellent performance and unique technical route has become the only project to win the innovation award of new category.


Mr. Li Xuejun, chairman of JJC, delivered a keynote report on the development and Application of High-performance and Intelligent Drilling Equipment at the ECF Forum as a guest speaker, which was highly recognized by many experts and leaders attending the meeting.

In the panel discussion presided by Academician Liu He, President Li, together with the chief experts and professional senior experts from zhejiang Oilfield, Chuanqing Drilling, Yanchang Oilfield, Datan Energy and other units, accepted the enthusiastic questions from overseas and the audience.

Mr. Li generously shared his insights and in-depth understanding of the future development of the drilling equipment industry, which made the audience feel fresh and fresh.

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